Sunday, 13 November 2022

Brasil 2002, os Bastidores do Penta, 2022

 It's an amazing documentary of Netflix highlighting the best moments of the "Seleção Brasileira" in the World cup in 2002. 

It's impossible do not get emotional, because it rescues who we were as team in the past. 

Brazilian team putted all of them, their soul, not only the heart to win this championship. They wanted to pay all the Brazilians for the loss in the 1998 World cup, when they lost to France in the Finals. 

You will rescue the true feeling of what is to be in a World cup, their happiness in compete, the talents that were so many and what is to play like a team. What makes Brazi a successful team?

I truly recommend, you will understand what is to be a Brazilian player. The country stops, people decorate the entire country to give support to the team. Brazilians love Football, Brazil itself is the World cup main attraction. 

You will see Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho talking, what happened to Ronaldo, when he had the seizure, the expectation of the citizens and media on him, they are all the time positive, and they were really responsible. Beckham is also remembering what is to compete against Brazil. Felipe Massa also showed up, it's a beautiful gift to rescue this feeling. 

There are many funny moments and i was looking in everybody's eyes, that were times of Innocence. People really were passionate, that's why is a so good time. 

Friday, 4 November 2022

The Empress, Netflix series, 2020

The history is turning around Elizabeth who accidentally by destiny became the new Empress of Austria.

Elizabeth, the Dutchess of Bayern, is a young lady living in a big house with her mother and her two sisters. She loves to ride horse and is a very energic girl. Her horse was sacrificed by her mother's husband who affirms that the horse will not recover of a broken leg (while she was riding the horse got injured). 

Her mother gives more preference to her daughter Helene, so she is preparing her to get married, and they go in a visit in the Emperor's county. His brother Maximilian arrives in the same moment of the visit because he knows that they are preparing his marriage. 

     The Queen welcoming her son Maximilian and a Baronesse of somewhere in Italy. She receives her with a large smile. 

The Baroness of somewhere says: "They will all die in Venice". 

Franz Joseph has Maximilian and the little one Ludwig-Victor as brothers, this little one is very educated boy and very smart. He will be a great man one day. He is in my opinion the legitim king by heart. 

In the Acquaintance it happens to Franz to approach Elizabeth and he decides to marry her instead Helene, everyone gets surprised, but this was his decision. Helene don't accept well the treason. 

Elizabeth accepts immediately the proposal without thinking in her sister. In the beginning of the movie, she declares her wish to marry a true soul mate. She is young, passionate and free. 

She marries in a period of turbulence in the Kingdom, people are in a Revolt fighting for better life conditions, they are starving, so they are in an occult rebellion, killing the citizens with better possesses. The King hangs some of them in the beginning. 

Apafi is one of the rebels who will get unfiltered in the court. 
The life of Elizabeth in the court is not easy, she has 10 ladies-in-waiting to make her company, included one is a descendant of Baba Iaga, and they are all very invasive, she didn't have any privacy out of her room. She feels the pressure of being under their rules, because she wants to be free to take decisions. 

Franz is a very focused King, he is trying to avoid his men to go to war, but is inevitable, his counselling voted to war against the rebels. He also wins a loan to build a railroad. 

His brother wants to take his place because he believes to be better than Franz. Franz sees his brother interest in Elizabeth so he guarantees that he will be out of his path. Meanwhile his brother is organizing an attack behind his back. Later he confesses to Franz telling him to abdicate his throne and tries to convince Elizabeth to betray Franz and marry him. 

The presence of a vessel gipsy Rebel disguised as Lady-in-waiting, Apafi puts in danger not only Elizabeth and the entire court, as organizing with a rebel an attack to kill them all, but living in the court she starts to see that they are good people and doubts because she is emotionally involved, but after a party where Elizabeth constantly gets drunk without her husband, Apafi has an self-intimate confirmation and tells her Conrade that for the Revolution she prefers all of them to die. Meantime, one of the countesses discovers Apafi's plan and prepares the proofs to take her out of the court, but Apafi discovers and kill her before.  

Franz and his mother are not satisfied with Elizabeth's behaviour and decide to send her away to her house to separate, in the same day Elizabeth discovers that she is pregnant and tries to tell Franz but is late, he sends her out and she didn't tell him about the pregnancy, Apafi knows because she told her. She starts to get close to Apafi's and believe her to be a good person. Actually, Apafi is a partaker of murder of a lady, she took the clothes and possessions, her partner of the Revolution killed the woman.  

When Elizabeth is leaving the castle in the carriage, a lot of citizens are in the Gate protesting, Elizabeth commands to open the gate and then kneel before them. They accept Elizabeth like a suitable Queen because she was there in their living place to know their condition. They saw it with good eyes. 

The series finishes with Franz going in her encounter in the gate.

The series has only 6 episodes, the history is only in the beginning. I will wait for more episodes and then to make an update here. 

Worth to see, you will learn some important lessons. We see the transition of the young and naive Elizabeth to a Queen. 

Sunday, 30 October 2022

Derry Girls, 2018-2022, Netflix Series - Last Season

Derry Girls is going to the 3rd Season, streamed in October on Netflix, it's a comedy about the daily lives of the friends Erin, Saiorse Monica, Michelle, Jamie Lee-O'Donnell, Clare, Nicola Coughlan, Orla, Louisa Harland and James, Dylan Llewellyn the teenagers of the School of Our Lady Immaculate College, citizens of Derry, in the Northern Ireland, as well their activities at home.                       

Trailer Season 1

The series is so much fun, besides their peculiar accent and expressions, they are all the time getting in trouble because they just want to find a way to survive. The script is most of the parts enigmatic, they are always planning things, but you don't know exactly what it is, and it seems they are all struggling financially. 

One of the most beautiful things to see is their very strong friendship, and they have an open dialog, funny when Clare says she is gay, and no one believes but give all the support. God helps Cleare. Michelle is always saying some bad names, but she is being ironic most of the time. James is the one they spent most of the part bullying and Orla is the quietest of them all. 

They live with a big family inside the house, even Clare that is just a friend sleeps there all the time. They explore well the possibilities of activities in Derry, a city that has a constantly policing of the Irish army called IRA. Derry is a historical city know by the conflicts between Catholics and Protestants that began in 1922. In the beginning of the Conflicts the Catholics represented 85%, now, they report that the number of Catholics is around only 35%. In 1981, IRA expanded their operations outside Derry, bombing in London. This means the number of Catholics is less of 35%. When these groups take control of one place, they expand. That's the main point, included I read, that these groups were bombing in Derry, until now in 2021. This is not a good sign. They are terrorists and these terrorists are really going outside if they are out of control. 

Tribute to the girls that made Derry famous internationally, now in Brazil by Netflix. 

The series is restricted to their daily lives, but the Teacher, the sister Michael, that is so much fun, creates activities that educate all the students to be tolerant, peaceful and they are involved and conscious, what is to have their lives monitored. She is impartial and has nice decisions. She is always monitoring the Crew so they cannot get in trouble. One of the funniest parts with her was when she was in the same bus with the crew and they were carrying a luggage with Vodka, and they lied telling that was not theirs, so she called the IRA and they were with Robots in the street to inspect the Luggage, to check if had a bomb inside. 😁

      The Leader Jenny Joyce creates all the theatrical and musical of the School and the sister is always saying: - Jesus Christ Jenny. She is Epic. 

Interesting to note, Erin was about to greet a old woman in a village, Erin said like goodbye: - Slan.  I don't know what it means but, they seem to be a mix of Gypsies with other parts of Ireland. They are a kind of hybrid at the first view. They have some characters varieties but has some scenes where they seem innocent, in the case where two men stole the computers in the school. 

In the end Education is the main factor in the fight against terrorism. Now in Derry they are facing poverty and the population made a protest against the increase in electricity tariff, for sure these conflicts contributed to the impoverishment of the region.

Here the very interesting activities, in the Season 2, where they point the main similarities and differences between Catholics and Protestants, in case you are interested in Derry. 

Trailer Season 2

Trailer Season 3


City sidewalks, busy sidewalks, dressed in holiday style. 

Grow your winter village collection. 

The new LEGO holiday Main Street makes a great addition to your holiday display. 

Friday, 28 October 2022

The Luckiest girl Alive, Netflix

The Luckiest girl alive is one of the new Suggestions of Netflix, Mila Kunis is interpreting Anni Fanelli, a student who was raped by her classmates in a party of a friend's house, that kind of parties where the American teenagers drink until they go to the room's house to have sex.  But was not a consented relation, three boys had sex without permission with Anni. 

Everything wrong with these minor forbidden parties. An alert to parents, to put more control on their children reinforcing the education at home. Every sexual relation that is not consented is a CRIME, worse teenagers to have sexual relation under 18. 

Here they are, they were her crew in the school. The blond girl also died and a Chinese girl. 

                                          Chiara Aurelia as young Ani and the crew. 

The Consequences

Her two friends that were abused by the same classmates decided to take revenge on the boys. They enter in the school with a gun and killed almost all of the transgressors.the 

Her best friend took revenge but got dead by Ani, she killed him with a knife, he acted like he was about to kill her. 

One survived, Dean Barton, but got in a wheelchair for his entire life. He wrote a book to defend himself and explains that Ani was accomplice of what happened in the school. 

 Ani is also invited to share her part of the history and has the opportunity to clean her reputation. 

Everywhere she goes everybody has an irony joke to talk about that day, like they all sound like she is guilty for what happened. She didn't receive the appropriated support of her own mother, who accused her like the rape was her fault. So, she grew with this trauma and the feeling of guilty. 

She works as editor in a Magazine to Lolo Vincente, who later invites her to work at the New York Times. 

She is going to get married, the problem is she cannot understand herself and her future husband, it seems that Luke, interpreted by Finn Wittrock also defends the transgressor Dean Barton and is not so satisfied with Ani. He included invited some friends inside their apartment in a way of confronting her past and offers her a drink, like he thinks she didn't know why he is acting this way. 

Ani at the magazine buying knives with her future husband, with the seller joker. 

She encounters the criminal Dean Barton in a Bookshop where he is giving autographs of his book, very content by the way, and Ani took a recorded confession. He finally assumes that he raped her but tries to justify he was young and now he has a family. He is having his second chance, but Ani seems carrying a cross her entire life. Now not anymore. 

She has a stable career, and her husband receives a propose to go to work in England, she will have a job too, so she is about to decide if she goes or stays in New York. Her boss received a propose that also is good for her. In the end, in England she has a misunderstood with Luke about the interview of the rape, that now is spread for the entire world, and he does not like it. She came back to New York where she truly belongs and feels happy with her career as editor. 

The movie was inspired in the Book of the same name "The Luckiest girl Alive", written by Jessyca Knoll, but has differences about what was written and the movie. You can buy it at Amazon. The link in the picture. 


Jessyca Knolls published in 2016, a raw and chilling essay describing how the gang rape depicted in her novel was drawn from her own experience in high school, when she was sexually assaulted by three boys at a party, and then tormented by classmates who labelled her a slut.

The main message is Rape is a crime and has awful consequences, like any crime and teenagers or adults must to talk more about the theme. There are an entire body of Christ on Earth reading your thoughts right now. 

                                                                                                            Market of Combat News

Saturday, 24 September 2022

The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special, 2020

 Rey is trying to train Finn, but she feels that she is failing, he cannot be like her. He cannot control the force yet, so, she asks for illumination and find a Book Story about the Jedi Era, an ancient temple named Kordoku, and she decided to go there to find some answers to learn more new techniques, so Finn can become a Jedi. She flew there in the Norway Aurora Boreal. Arriving she found a key to the galaxy's past, actually it is a Star GATE which she can travel to the Jedi's past. The first place she travelled was in the Luke Skywalker training, Dagobah, there she sees Luke and Master Yoda, of course she didn't interfere, then learn the lesson and is surprised in an attack of a kind of giant worm in the water and leave without be noticed.  

After it she decides to continue to learn and starts to open the Gate to see what is going on in the other side to learn all the lessons.

Now she encounters Obi wan Kenobi and Anakin training, this time they see her, but she ran into the Gate. 

She fell inside the Luke Ship, who is in a battle with Darth Vader, she won, and she went again. 

This time she stepped out in the Planet Base of the Emperor and sees him in a conversation with Darth Vader. While she leaves, the emperor threw Darth Vader there.

Meanwhile in her base her friends are hosting a Christmas party. 

Rey starts to battle Darth Vader in a dispute by the key that opens the portal, and she opens another gate and arrived in another battle, this time they encounter another Darth Vader, which is funny when they look to each other, they get confused of who is the real Darth Vader and start to fight each other, and again she opens the Gate to run, one Darth Vader runs back and they fell inside with Obi wan Kenobi and Anakin which fight in the volcano larva, and they also fight. 

Here Luke does not know what will going to happen, while admiring Mars and the Moon.

They continue to open Gates, and the situation is getting worse because now Obi wan and Anakin starting also travelling with some soldiers and every time they open a new Gate more Jedis and soldiers go inside and also some Ships, is very funny kids will love it. 

Now they have a big battle with the Jedis from the Past and Future together. After the battle Darth Vader runs with the key, this time Rey don't succeed to reach him. 

He arrives in his base and explains the utility of the key to the emperor. They start a plan and Rey is trying to find a way to recover the key, Master Yoda shows up and she opens a portal alone with her mind and reaches Darth Vader. 

Rey then starts to battle Darth Vader again, and she recovers the key. She leaves Anakin in his home and open many Gates until reaches home again. There they are celebrating Christmas, and Everybody is happy because they are back and starts to snow, to complete the happiness. 


Rating: 10 stars

Indication: To all fans of Star Wars, the kids will enjoy very much.


            Advent Calendar, click here!

Thursday, 22 September 2022

Elizabeth, the Golden Age, 2007

The Stunning Cate Blanchet, as Queen Elizabeth I, who reigned in 1533-1603 was ruling England and the King of Spain Philip was in a Catholic war, fighting the Enterprise war, in favour of Queen Mary. The movie begins with the King saying to his daughter Isabella: Come in my daughter, God has spoken to me, the time for our great enterprise has come, England is slaved to the devil, and we must set her free".

The movie shows her routine as Queen at her court, but the "Enterprise" movement is happening behind her back. It's two armies landing on the coasts of Sussex and Norfolk. Her cousin Mary has the recognition to be the Queen of England and the Queen is supposed to be assassinated, she is protestant. She discovers everything and the author to be a Spanish plan. She says: - it's the plan of my one-time brother-in-law.

The Queen is single and should be marry soon, the court prepare a presentation of some pretenders, but who calls her attention is a pirate who brings her gold, potatoes and smoke. He stays in the court to spend a time to get acquaintance with the Queen. She has an assistant which falls in love with him.

The Spain court was in Elizabeth Castle when she said that, after it they confirm to the King that she discovered the plan and the King decides to attack faster, his words: "-God has abandoned Elizabeth, England must be crushed". The King is working with the Jesuits. 

Bess's cousin was in the Enterprise movement, so he got hanged after exposed. 

She received a shot inside the church while praying. Thanks God the gun was not loaded, so she survived. 

Mary Stuart is informed and is accused of treason.

The Queen Mary is preparing herself to have her head cutted. 

The King wants revenge on Mary's death. He says, blood must pay for blood, he is determined to kill Elizabeth, the bastard, his words. So, he decides to call all the Legions of Christ to war. 

Meanwhile the Queen Elizabeth's servant is explaining that he read the Mary's letters and she is feeling guilty for the God's Queen murdering. 

Now she is studying her defences against the King Philip, who is approaching the invasion in the Albion's shores.

Her assistant Bess informed the Pirate she was pregnant, so they married in the hidden. The Queen gets furious with her when she discovers, a big treason, so she orders to the Pirate to be jailed and takes the rights of Bess. The girl is nice, but she could not fight her feelings that came from the heart. The Queen had her as main confident and now she is very disappointed. 

Here she is taking some advises with her Elder, and now the Armada is approaching her castle, they are preparing for the attack. She said that this is an Inquisition attack and is afraid the liberty of thought will not exist, so she says: - We cannot be defeated!"

She has lack of warriors, so she wants all the men she has to fight including the prisoners. 

The Queen in the battlefield, she will not abandon England and she is giving words of motivation and encouragement to the warriors. 

The war was happening in the water, her army had some ships, they were destroying each other, but Spain lost the battle. Meanwhile, she blessed Bess baby. 

The Armada Portrait of 1588 shows Queen Elizabeth I majestic in victory over Spain. Over her right shoulder, the ships of the Spanish Armada are destroyed, while her opposite hand rests on a globe, reflecting England’s imperial ambitions.

she said, "but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and a king of England too, and I find the dirty contempt that... Spain, or any prince of Europe, must dare invade the borders of my kingdom.

Remember: Many are the men's plan, but God is the one who decides. 


Sunday, 18 September 2022

Queen Elizabeth Tribute

 I was watching some movies about the Queen's life, so I can understand her history. I liked all the movies and she was undoubtedly a great Queen. Since young she was very responsible and had accomplished her vows with success. Sometimes she didn't please everybody but her intentions were always based in the Duty, she always putted the Kingdom and her reputation as represent of the Nation in the first place.  

The Queen, 2006

The movie is about the Queen's Elizabeth behaviour at Princess Diana's death. The ascension of the Prime Minister Tony Blair and his support to the Princess's funeral helping the Queen in the crisis with the crown which expected more empathy from her part and shows also how Diana was loved by the people in England. They were all monitoring what the media was publishing and shows the family dialog in this period of mourning. The kids and Prince Charles were preserved and they were supported by the family. 

Our Queen at War, 2020

It's a documentary about Queen's service in the British Army and the beginning of the Germans attacks in England, the behaviour of the Royal Family at war, how they were solidary to the crown, the death of 81 children who were evacuated in the Benares tragedy, the good decision of the Royal Family to visit the places which were bombarded and the happiness of the Crown in see they were not abandoned, the bombing of the Germans at Windsor Castle and the End of the War, the beautiful celebration of the citizens in the streets. This time was a very important period in Elizabeth's life, she was very happy in serving, because she made a lot of friends and she felt important to do something that matters. 

Being the Queen, 2020

 Starts with the National feeling in relation to the Queen about Diana's death,  her history with the Prince Philip, her father's death, her childhood and her life as a mother, her relationship with her sister Margaret,  the life of the Prince Andrew and Princess Anne divorce, the Divorce of Diana and Prince Charles and the loss of the Title of the Princess Diana, the car accident in Paris with Diana and Dodi Fayed and relates about her death. The accident in Aberfan in 1966, and again showing Diana's death grieve period and a fast recap of her life. 

All the movies show the entire life of the Queen Elizabeth in a recap of her 70 years on the Throne, as the longest reigning monarch. 


Brasil 2002, os Bastidores do Penta, 2022

 It's an amazing documentary of Netflix highlighting the best moments of the "Seleção Brasileira" in the World cup in 2002.  I...